About Team Bailey 


Hello Fellow Dog Mushing Enthusiasts,

     Welcome to my website, my name is Bailey Cross Vitello “Team Bailey” and I am proud to say that at the age of twenty-one I am a professional dog musher.  My love of mushing came to me before I was even born. My parents became mushers while looking for ways to engage their dogs in a healthier lifestyle. As the youngest of three brothers, our parents often practiced with us while running their team on the trail. I had the opportunity to watch and learn dog sledding first hand. Those first experiences solidified my love of dog mushing and fueled my passion for working dog sports. I competed in my first “race” when I was barely two years old with my first dog Bridgie. From that point, I made it my goal to be the youngest musher at all the races I attended. Many times, people wondered and protested whether it was safe for me on the trails with a team…but little did they know that I was going out there to compete with my dog team and run my heart out on those trails to prove to them why I should be.

     My parents have always supported my dreams of mushing as they know how being on the trails with the dogs makes me feel complete. When I was 14, my father and I took a year off school and work to travel with my team to compete in the Jr. Iditarod in Alaska. I had never witnessed so many individuals who loved the sport as I did. It was an eye opener for the possibilities of what sled dog racing could be for me.  Some of my proudest accomplishments are those that have recognized me for how well I have cared for my team. I consider my dogs a part of my family and they always will be.   


     I am so grateful for all the friend’s I have made, family that has supported me and mushers whom I have met over the years on and off the trails. They have all played an integral part in shaping me into who I am today. Their advice and words of wisdom continue to echo as they have helped my team and I not only on the trails but in life.

     My team and I have competed in races throughout the New England area, including the 

Can Am Crown, Sandwich Notch/NH, Wilderness/ME, Laconia/NH and the Great North Woods Sled Dog Challenge. We have also have traveled out west to compete in the Pedigree Stage Stop and the Race to The Sky. However, when I got accepted to represent Team USA at the 2017 Winter World Championships in Haliburton, Canada and then went on to win the Bronze, I knew that we had what it takes to bring it to the next level. Our goal became not only being a representative for TEAM USA but for the mushing community as a whole.

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     We are beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity to compete in Bessans, France this coming season as we will once again represent Team USA in the Mid Distance Category as well as compete in the world renowned La Grande Odyssee Stage Race.


     My personal goals include sharing my love of dog sledding and getting people involved. During the off season my team and I travel to schools and groups across New England to educate students about dog sledding sports and what it takes to become a musher. Our programs provide educational enrichment with hands on activities for students by

teaching them all about the equipment, commands and of course meeting the dogs of “Team Bailey”. My dogs love what they do, and we enjoy sharing it with the public.