Is Mushing for Me?

Mushing is for everyone! If you are interested in becoming more active with your four-legged friends, dog powered sports are a great way to do that! It doesn’t matter if you have one dog or ten, there are many different canine powered sports that can cater to what you would like to do. Individuals with one or two dogs can enjoy the aspects of canicrossing (running with your dog in a harness), bikejoring (biking with your dog in 

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a harness) and sometimes the occasional dog sledding and dryland rig (if your dog is powerful enough). Those individuals who would like to get involved and have a larger number of dogs can create their own sled dog team with a lot of hard work and dedication. Becoming involved in dog powered sports will not only increase your bond with your dog (s) but also bring you into contact with  the supportive dog mushing community.


Looking for lessons and the perfect beginners set up for you and your dog (s)?

 Northern Exposure Outfitters (NEO) can help to make that dream a possibility by helping you and your dog(s) learn the ins and outs of mushing.



Looking to get into dog sledding sports and don’t have a dog?

No problem! Do some research, ask around and volunteer at local dog sledding kennels. There is no better way to get involved than immersing yourself in the dog sledding world.